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Selamat Datang di, Mudah-mudahan blog ini bermanfaat, semoga tidak termasuk Riya dan Udzub ...Nauzubillah..    


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Widget by Selamat Datang di, Mudah-mudahan blog ini bermanfaat, semoga tidak termasuk Riya dan Udzub ...Nauzubillah..    

Salmon-Blue Blogger template

24 February 2008
This beautiful template is originally a wordpress theme created by Justin Shattuck. I love this template because this template has so many features on it. On this template, you will have a horizontal header menu on the top left. there you can fill it with your other sites or your affiliate links if you had one. Then under the header, you have another horizontal menu. here you can fill it with your home link, contact us link, about us etc.

Next to the horizontal menu, you can set your own feed links there. so catchy isn’t it?

Each of the post date is also already customized, so you will have non standard date format of blogger template post timestamp. but you have to remember that the date will disappear if you don’t set your post timestamp with a right format. please read this instruction to set the post timestamp here.

Next you will also get a really nice comment list. see on the demo, or on the screenshot above.

At the bottom you will also get 3 columns area you can fill it with anything you think is important. you can put there your featured posts list or your most popular posts list. then you can even put your recent post, or anything.

You can even put your ads there.

This template is so widgetized. so if you want to install this template, you have to carefully read all the steps below, and give more attention here.

This template require 8 HTML widgets.

so if currently you don’t have enough wigdets on your template, go create it first. until you have 8 widgets on your template, you can begin to download this template and install it on your site.

Download Blue Salmon Blogger Template Version 1.1

Downloaded a total of 1256 times

Now the latest version is 1.1

update log:

1.1 update view bugs on ie

- the sidebar didn’t properly showed on ie. now it’s fixed.

- also the footer, it’s a long blank space on ie. not it’s fixed.

1.0 first release

Please use this guidance on creating your HTML widgets. download the widgets contents and guidance here (right click, save as..).

And Please use the template uploader feature provided by blogger. Dont just copy and paste the xml code. it may not work! You will have this template uploader if you already in a new blogger version. if you still using the classic one, then I encourage you to upgrade to the new blogger version. it’s free. You can read all the instruction guide on installing a blogger template here. Have a nice new look! :)

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