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Selamat Datang di, Mudah-mudahan blog ini bermanfaat, semoga tidak termasuk Riya dan Udzub ...Nauzubillah..    


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Widget by Selamat Datang di, Mudah-mudahan blog ini bermanfaat, semoga tidak termasuk Riya dan Udzub ...Nauzubillah..    
Following are a list of free blogspot templates. It includes web2 style blogger templates with large footer, 2colunm and 3colum blogspot template in XML and XHTML (new or classic) etc. If you have little knowledge about HTML you can make it beautiful. 1. Web2 style template – Beautiful web2 style XML blogspot templates in 2colunm and 3colunm for download.

2. XML templates - More than 50 beautiful XML templates for download. All templates extremely customizable

3. XHTML Templates - More than 50 different types 2colunm and 3colunm XHTML template for classic blogger.

4. 3Colunm XML templates- Templates all are converted to 3 colunm from regular blogspot templates for new blogger

5. XML Templates from - 3Colum XML templates for new Blogger.

6. K2modify - many professional styles 2colunm and 3 column blogger templates

7. Freshblogger templates - Beautiful XML templates in 3colum and 2colum and web2 style for new blogger account.

8. Templates from Ehsany - Many templates are available for free download.

9. Free Templates - collection of Blogger Templates ranging from 2 Column and 3 Columns. XML and old HTML4 templates.

10. Templates for Old and New bloggers - The site hosts a huge collection of free blog templates for new and classic blogger

11. Blogcrowd – Template Styles: 3 column, 2 column, light, dark, blue, pink, green, red, orange, yellow, brown, gray, minimalistic, artistic, monochromatic, web2.0 and niche

12. Pyzam – make some awesome looking blogs using their template layouts

13. Free templates design – Free classic templates for download

14. Savatoons – A set of different style template for download

15. Freshblog beta Templates – Good looking blogger template and is compatible with blogger beta.

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