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Selamat Datang di, Mudah-mudahan blog ini bermanfaat, semoga tidak termasuk Riya dan Udzub ...Nauzubillah..    


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Widget by Selamat Datang di, Mudah-mudahan blog ini bermanfaat, semoga tidak termasuk Riya dan Udzub ...Nauzubillah..    
Apply for Google AdSense is required that you must have a website to publish Google Ads and earn money. Are you worrying that you Don't have any website? Nowadays it is very easy to get a new one for absolutely free. You can setup a new blog site here visit All you have to do is choose a name and title for your Blog. Take your pick of the good range of templates available and get writing . You don't have to worry about coding or design work or images or anything else. All that's left you to do is write and add AdSense.

The step by step instructions for building a blog are given below. Follow these steps. Click on the picture to view those clearly.

1. Visit The Blogger Home page will be looks like this.
Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8

Ok. Now your blog is ready. Now you can start posting . Not sure what to write? Start with your family,spout off about a story in the news, put up pictures for your friends to see. It doesn't matter. Everyone has something that occupies their mind, that interest them or that they are good at. Put up anything. You can change it later but for now just get in the habit of writing to the web. Once you have done it once you will see how easy it can be and how be addictive.

2. Apply for Google Adense

After your few posts you will be eligible for signup Google AdSense. The step by step instruction and the signup button has given here.
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